Hurricane Resistant Automations

Living in Southern Louisiana comes with certain expectations. The food will be amazing, the weather will be humid, and you will have to worry about a hurricane at some point. With the news of a hurricane watch comes concerns over damage to your property.

Luckily, there is a selection of hurricane resistance automations available, meaning that you can enjoy the luxury of outdoor automation without worrying when a hurricane strikes.

Here are a few of the kinds of hurricane-resistant automations that we offer.

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades are a crucial piece of the perfect outdoor patio experience. With various material options, you can guarantee your privacy is maintained while being protected from harsh sunlight, keeping your patio cool and shaded.

You might worry that having shades becomes a liability during a hurricane, but that’s not the case! We offer outdoor shade solutions that are capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort due to the fear of a hurricane!

Water Resistant Speakers

Outdoor audio solutions can significantly elevate your outdoor patio experience! From bringing the mood to life with music to making you feel in the center of the action of your favorite show, outdoor speakers can make a difference. However, the wind and rain from a hurricane can leave your speakers drenched and destroyed. But, did you know that we can supply waterproof speakers? These speakers don’t just produce high-quality audio, they’re also able to be fully submerged in water and still work perfectly for years!

Weatherproof TVs

The outdoors comes with its own sights to enjoy, but sometimes watching TV with the sun on your skin is exactly what you want! That’s why we can provide TVs that display clear pictures without glare, no matter how sunny it may be. These smart TVs are also water resistant for the days when the sun isn’t shining. No matter what the weather looks like, these TVs are capable of delivering gorgeous images, while still being resilient enough to survive the weather that comes with a hurricane.

Just because you live in Southern Louisiana, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on having a nice patio experience! We offer several outdoor automation solutions capable of handling the weather that Louisiana likes to throw at us. Contact Level Up Automations today to upgrade your patio!