Implementing Smart Technology into an Existing Home

We get it–your home is brand spanking new and you don’t want to see her torn up any time soon. Just because construction is complete doesn’t mean the door has closed for smart home upgrade opportunities. There are a number of solutions to implementing smart technology into an existing home!

Here are a few ways you can integrate smart features into your current home!


You don’t need to have special wiring to experience the luxury of smart home lighting! A number of our brand partners offer wifi powered lighting solutions that are controllable through the touch of a button. 

Whether it’s changing the brightness and color, or setting your lights to a particular “scene” you’ve established, you don’t need to rip into your fixtures to level up your home!


While it might be nice for your TV and speakers wired directly into your wall, you don’t need that if you are working with existing construction! You can still take advantage of the high-quality audio and visuals that our brand partners’ products can provide! For example, Sonos has a number of smart audio solutions that are available to our clients in existing homes!

From auto-adjusting speakers that orient themselves depending on acoustics to TVs that are immune to glare, there are several ways to introduce smart technology into your A/V setup.

Next Level Security

Even without prewiring, you can still ensure that your home is safe and secure through home automation. Things like door sensors, smart door locks, and motion sensors can all be installed without prior wiring and can be integrated to work all from a central application. 

Our brand partners like ClareHome allow you to have full control over your security measures in the palm of your hand for both new and existing properties.

DIY Automations

A number of our brand partners offer automation options that can be installed directly into existing wiring. For example, Brilliant offers a smart home control panel that can be installed directly onto a light switch panel. 

Their control panel gives you control over your automations from one location, without the need for multiple apps. It can even integrate with your Alexa and Google Home devices for an easy-to-setup experience!

There are a number of home automation options that are available to you, even if you would rather avoid tearing down the walls to get at the wiring. 

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