‘Level Up Your Home’ Announces Franchise Opportunity For Home And Business Automation

(AB Digital via COMTEX) — Level Up Your Home is a nationally recognized home and business automation service that is launching franchise units for sale in the U.S. and Canada beginning on November 24, 2020. The company acknowledges the urgent need for automated solutions integration, including digital signage, security, audio, video, lighting, sound, WiFi networks, and more. With this in mind, Level Up Your Home is thrilled to finally share their company with promising entrepreneurs who have a passion for technology and customer care.

In 2016, Led by the founder Jennifer Mallett, a team of experts came together to develop an end to end experience to automate home and commercial spaces. Boston Level Up Your Home was born and has since expanded, providing consumers and companies with reliable technology solutions and expert service, revolutionizing homes and businesses to fit a more modernized narrative.

“Nearly one-fifth of broadband households now have a home control system of some kind and the average consumer owns 9 connected devices. By 2025, this number will increase to 21 connected devices in the average broadband household,” said Elizabeth Parks, President, Parks Associates. “A customized approach like LevelUp Your Home offers can help consumers and businesses understand the benefits of different technological capabilities of these connected technologies, and have a seamless buyer experience.”

The market for smart homes and businesses is rapidly growing. In response to this outpouring of interest in technologically integrated home and business systems, Level Up Your Home is excited to begin franchising its mobile units. Consumers now seek trusted advisors to implement internet-connected systems into their homes, just as they would do with a plumber or an electrician. As Level Up Your Home expands, it is on track to become a primary player in home and commercial automation across the North America.

Armed with her experience in the consumer electronics space and extensive market research, Jennifer Mallett, Level Up Your Home CEO, has decided to franchise the business. “Controlling the sales and service experience end to end so we can achieve high standards and ownership is what we are after. If you are servicing your own business and then subcontracted for someone else’s business, it does not allow for true business ownership. By awarding and training franchise units, we can give the best level of vested interest in the end customer – and that’s what we are after.” 

To learn more about Level Up Your Home and to inquire about franchising, please visit https://levelupyourhome.com.

Media Contact
Company Name: Level Up Your Home
Contact Person: Jennifer Mallett
Phone: 1-800-979-2791
Address:367 West Main Street
City: Northborough
State: MA 01532
Country: United States
Website: www.levelupyourhome.com