Smart Home Or Clever Home?

Started incorporating technology into your home?  You are not alone Parks Associates research states in 2016 11% of households purchase a smart home device and in 2018 that number has doubled to 22% of households.  So is Your Home Clever or Smart?

True Smart Homes are on cruise control. Clever homes are like a parlor trick, you talk to them, direct and manage their behavior.   At Level Up Your Home we have provided the Top 5 differences between the two.


  1. Automatically optimizes everything important in your house – it’s energy efficiency, how you entertain, how safe it is.
  2. Anticipates what you want to do next, even before you do.
  3. Understands your routines and preferences through learning.
  4. Devices work together, interoperability is effortless.
  5. Is effortless.


  1. Improves efficiency, safety and entertainment with some programming.
  2. Has an understanding of you that is static.
  3. Doesn’t understand your routines but it does recognize settings, preferences can be programmed but does not change dynamically from person to person or as preferences change.
  4. Devices and brands do not all work together requiring separate applications or voice commands.
  5. Requires effort and ongoing upkeep as technology changes.