What Is A Smart Home, Anyway?

Smart Home, Connected Home, you have heard the terms used increasingly over the last year – but what do they mean?  

In a nutshell, a Smart Home is one that is using products that help your house run more efficiently.  And largely, without effort on your part.

Think it is too expensive?  Thanks to competition and a flurry of brands trying to break into the space, it’s now a lot more affordable than you think.

There are thousands of products and capabilities, but what is best for you? Learning about some of the basic capabilities is a great place to start.  

In a Smart Home your music is available anywhere in your house at the touch of a button on your phone or through voice command.  Say, “Play Pandora” and your favorite station begins to play. The same can be done for your Itunes playlist or Spotify station.  This is a great benefit for impromptu dance parties or moods of belting out your favorite songs by yourself.

Say, “Living room lights on” and your lights turn on.  You can even have your lights turn onto a specific color.  Entertaining into the evening? A light blue hue will help set the mood for your guests to mingle.  Lighting is also controlled through your smart phone or tablet should you have a bad case of laryngitis or just don’t feel like talking.

Someone at your door? Is it late and are you alone?  The doorbell with video feed rings right to your phone.  You can speak to the person without even opening the door.  Someone rings your doorbell while 30,000 feet in the air?  It’s FedEx, ask them to leave your package by the side door.  

Too busy or lazy to program that thermostat but want energy savings?  Let a Nest learning thermostat do the work for you.  We install it, connect it to your internet, download the app and you start saving right away.  Nest provides helpful energy reports monthly that shows your energy savings over time. Many states offer rebate programs which make them a great product to purchase right now as they pay for themselves in a matter of months.

There are many more capabilities including automated garage doors, wireless cameras and locks. 

So where do you start?  Level Up Your Home has been created just to help people understand the capabilities that are achievable and help you decide what products are leading in this space.  The best place to start is to call us at 1-800-979-2791 or chat with us (click on the UP bubble in the right hand corner) for a free consultation with one of our experts. We also offer personalized service in the convenience of your home with our $79 Smart Home Consultation service,  purchase your consultation online here.