Amazon Alexa And Google Home – The Gifts That Keep On giving

Ok you were not naughty, well maybe a little bit but a thoughtful family member still found you well-deserving of the most popular high tech gift this year -Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

Well get ready to have some fun and ring in the New Year with technology! You’ll be impressed with what these gizmo can do with it’s voice command system and a wide array of connected devices. They can play your favorite Holiday tunes all throughout your house, turn down the lights (even change colors) and set the temperature to make it warm a cozy. Want to watch TV, don’t get up Alexa/Google Home will do that, turn on your home theater system, shut the curtains and lock the door so you won’t be disturbed.

When asked about the trend our CEO of Level Up Your Home Jen Kelmer excitedly stated “Both Amazon and Google are truly changing the way we control technology in the home, right now we can all be simply talking to our house to keep it energy efficient, safe and to entertain in it in an easy and enjoyable way. Sky’s the limit and the connected home is finally here and attainable for the masses based on technology and vastly improved affordability”

It’s the perfect time to get a In Home Consultation from Level Up Your Home and discover the possibilities for technology and entertainment this year, only $29 for a limited time.