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Level Up Automation of Louisiana is the premiere sales, design and service provider of Smart Home and Commercial Automation technologies including networking, audio/video, temperature, lighting, surveillance and home control.

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Smart Home, Connected Home, you have heard the terms used increasingly over the last year – but what do they mean? In a nutshell, a Smart Home is one that is using products that help your house run more efficiently.  And largely, without effort on your part.

Think it is too expensive?  Thanks to competition and a flurry of brands trying to break into the space, it’s now a lot more affordable than you think. There are thousands of products and capabilities, but what is best for you? Learning about some of the basic capabilities is a great place to start.


The network is the brain of the entire system. A good network and infrastructure makes sure that your automation systems stay running.

audio/Video Integrations

In a Smart Home, your music is available anywhere in your house at the touch of a button on your phone or through voice command. This is a great benefit for impromptu dance parties or moods of belting out your favorite songs by yourself.

Smart Lighting

Say, “Living room lights on” and your lights turn on.  You can even have your lights turn into a specific color.  Entertaining into the evening? A light blue hue will help set the mood for your guests to mingle.

Landscape & Outdoor Living

Outdoor entertaining is a way of life here in Louisiana. From high-tech controllers to a complete spectrum of fixtures and accessories, our products provide endless opportunities for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Security Systems

Someone at your door? Is it late and are you alone?  The doorbell with video feed rings right to your phone.  You can speak to the person without even opening the door.  Someone rings your doorbell while 30,000 feet in the air?  It’s FedEx, ask them to leave your package by the side door. 

Smart shades

Automated shading provides customizable value-engineered solutions to darken or lighten your spaces, and to control solar heat gain and glare.


Smart Energy

Smart energy homes take a step beyond the gadget-filled smart home to focus on bringing smart functionality to major household energy-using systems like HVAC, water heating, and plug loads (including appliances and electronics).


Good Morning, Lunch Time, Quiet Time, Movie Time, Music Time, Goodnight – some of the most popular scenes we help create are huge task lifters that can easily automate smart home features.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Let's Design a system that’s perfect for you.

Home automation is a great way to make your home more comfortable, efficient, and convenient. Through the wonders of automation technology, you can program your space to do everything automatically or at the touch of a button. 

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What people say?

Cory Bazillion
Cory Bazillion
22. June, 2022.
Level up was Fantastic. They were very responsive, showed up on time, my installer was professional and did an amazing job. They even price matched the best price I could find for my Mantle mount. Thank you Kevin, Danielle and everyone at level Up for all your help! Would definitely recommend to all my friends and Family.
Stephanie Hodson Lerret
Stephanie Hodson Lerret
26. April, 2022.
Great products and impressive showroom!
Seth Bartlett
Seth Bartlett
17. April, 2022.
I've had Level Up do 3 major installs for me. They updated my Analog Security Cameras to a full home Nest Setup, updated my entire network with 4 access points (including an outdoor one) and replaced all my Sonos 1 devices with new ones. All the work was done well and they are easy to work with, I'm very happy with how everything turned out and highly recommend them. Braden and Kevin were the two primary tech's I've worked with, both are knowledgeable and clearly care about doing things right and in the best way.
Eric Osborne
Eric Osborne
10. April, 2022.
Julie Renaghan
Julie Renaghan
4. March, 2022.
5 star service ! They took the time to explain everything . Could not be happier with the TV and security system we bought thru them . Definitely recommend them for your home automation needs.
C Cooper
C Cooper
9. February, 2022.
Kevin and Wes were absolutely spectacular! They were quick, Did a fabulous job with installation, extremely nice and professional- and I’m so glad I found them. The entire process started with Braden who introduced me to a few different options. He was fantastic and was extremely attentive and knowledgeable, as was Kevin who did the actual installation. I went with their recommended SONOS sound bar package and I couldn’t be more pleased. No need to ever look elsewhere for a professional gorgeous sound system. I’ll be expanding my living room system soon, and can’t wait to have Level Up back for that project.
Luofei Deng
Luofei Deng
15. December, 2021.
Kevin is great: thorough and organized. Appreciated his attentiveness for my home connectivity and more
Jason Patrick
Jason Patrick
19. November, 2021.
Joseph Keierleber
Joseph Keierleber
16. November, 2021.
It was great to work with Jim on a different and difficult project. Everything was 5stars
sarah Clogston
sarah Clogston
30. October, 2021.
This is my third time using Level Up Your Home. They installed three Nest cameras for us a couple years ago, and when a power outage shorted out the signals, I called on them to reset the cameras. So of course I thought of only using them for our TV upgrades. All three times the service from start to finish was excellent and professional. Braden is wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable and professional. He put together a great package for us (TV, Sonos sound Bar and wall mounts). Kevin and Wes were very professional, polite and personable. They brought everything with them, were ON TIME, and did a great job with the installations. They certainly know this job like clockwork. Kevin assured me I would be happy with the wall placement of TV being in the upper/middle. I was sure I wanted it lower on the wall, but he was right. It looks great! (They mounted the new TV & Sonos in our Living in Room, pulling the wires behind the wall and then mounted the LR TV down in our workout room). I am very pleased with my experiences with Level Up, and highly recommend them.